3 Best Honeymoon Destinations in the World

Honeymoon Destinations

Being officially wedded into two families’ union to become one happy entity is what the special day is all about on a spiritual level. It has a lot of implications when thinking of it on various levels, but all of that only become relevant as time passes and life progresses onto new challenges. The next days ahead of your wedding are meant to be enjoyed in the best way possible, and most people prefer to spend the initial few weeks at a place away from the shackles of daily life. With several places in the world serving this purpose well, couples could be confused as to what to pick. Here are a few honeymoon destinations that house great facilities and exotic elements to entrance you both as one soul into a new world of dreams.

1. Greece


The food and rich history alone make for good reasons to escape into the depths of Greece. A city that holds a different definition of beauty altogether is what the marriage is looking for to start a new flight. Spending the sunny mornings on the beaches hedged by white walls could be the ideal way of expressing some love. Santorini has multiple elements that make for a perfect spot to melt into. Cuisines are talked about a lot in Greece, and their varieties are so succulent that the world craves for it. Getting to have a decadent soak in the private cave-like pools in the elegant hotels can be a great way of finishing the day’s adventures. Walk deeper into the city’s alleys to explore the stalls, libraries, museums, and other cultural setups that take you on tour through the traditions and mythology linked to the country.

2. Colombia


To not have Colombia on this list would be folly since the country has been hustling up on this list for a long time. The rich culture and vivid colors only add more spirit to the walls of the cities. All of it makes for a perfect honeymoon destination for the couples who have been looking forward to their first exploration. Colombian fish dishes are a must-try when you are strolling through the cities. Make sure to book a lunch that includes all the local delicacies that serve your palate with dainty varieties. La Cevecheria should also be on your list when visiting Colombia. Go ahead and taste the rum and other offerings at their tables. Corocora camp is one place that you shouldn’t miss because it has various activities that take you closer to nature.

3. Puglia


Finding closure to the urge that runs within you both might most probably take you to Puglia, a water-engulfed gem situated in Italy. It is one of the few destinations that allow year-round honeymoons. The blues of the shimmering water adorn the luxurious elements of life here. Nature adds more surprises in the form of groves and flowers that are new to you. Make your day the finest by reveling in the sun on the beach by savoring the pasta, olives, and the unique Mediterranean flavors.