7 Amazing Things travelling does to your Brain

Amazing Things

Travelling to different parts of the world or even different parts of the country is merely a hobby for some people. It is much more than beautiful sunsets across the beach and the day drinking lifestyle adopted by different countries. It is actually Nourishes the brain and mind and provides a different perspective on life. We’ve listed out the 7 things travelling does at your brain, check them out!

Breakthrough of creativity

Creativity enhances only when you imbibe certain skills, knowledge and culture. By travelling to different parts of the world, you receive an exposure to all three of them and hence aid your brain in enhancing creativity. According to the study conducted by the Academy of Management Journal, people that worked overseas were more imaginative and inspired in life, than the ones that worked in their native land.

Problem-solving capability

Amazing Things

Staying or travelling abroad results in open-minded nature, and allows you to accept there is more than one solution to a problem. Result? You become a better problem solver over time. According to a study conducted by the Journal of A personality and Social Psychology, students studying abroad showed 20% better computer problem-solving skills.


Although it sounds bizarre, travelling makes a person trustworthy. This is because wanderlust increases your faith in humanity, after witnessing the good in the world. It also gives your life a new perspective and reason to live.

Open-minded nature

Amazing Things

Chilling with a snake in Vietnam is nothing you see on a daily basis, so when you have the opportunity you just grab it! Hence, making you an open-minded person, to try new things, and even to the simplest everyday activities. All this comes down to the kind of people you meet and greet on a daily basis. Sharpens your mind
One of the major reasons for this is because you’re mostly in nature, and the fresh breeze and lush environment almost 10, hours a day, which you would otherwise spend in your air-conditioned room. Hence, spending time in nature for a bit can sharpen your mind to a great deal.

Helps you get over a loss

Losing a significant other, loved one, family member or even your favorite job can be devastating. By taking a trip to your favorite destination or by travelling to a place that brings peace to your mind, can actually help you get over the loss by giving a new and a fresh perspective to life. Most times people lose themselves, in order to gain something else. Travelling is the best way to gain your original self back.


Amazing Things

If you’re not convinced with any of the above-mentioned reasons, then here’s the deal-breaker- it just makes you happier. This is not just because you can skip work or buy new outfits for your vacation, but is also because anticipating a joyful experience boosts the happy hormones in the body, than when compared to buying a shirt in a mall.